Process driven
  • Enter and use your process and business model (no more narrow predefined actions)
  • Create infinite decision trees and desired branches
  • Staff, contractors and users only see their lists, chat & notifications, and contacts
  • Multi-level authorizations and approvals
  • Custom triggers & actions
  • Attach and use forms and document management modules
Process driven
data repository
  • CRM, ERP, CMS, and a bunch of other ABCs? Break down their data silos
  • Consolidate stored data for easier access, troubleshooting and reporting
  • Attach an AI module for predictive analysis and modelling
tech stack
  • Connect web & mobile apps
  • Integrate your existing tech stack - all of it or only some of it if you want
  • Customize your tech stack with single source login, centralized data repository and other available features
  • Argyle Fox dovetails neatly with the Microsoft business stack
Manage interconnected public & private
  • Balance centralized brand control with local content (preferences, privileges and permissions for franchises, subsidiaries, distributors or global operations)
  • Customizable client accounts, dashboards and reporting
  • Internets, intranets, and extranets
Manage interconnected public & private
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